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New Arrival

From antiques to modern high jewelry, please take a look at the jewelry from River Gems’ wide collection that can only be offered by a jeweler with a long history.

アンテイークからモダニズムハイジュエリーまで、River Gemsの豊富なコレクションの中から、長い歴史を積み重ねてきたジュエラーだからこそ提供できる逸品をご覧ください。

Heritage and Forever

Thailand has long grown as a center for the jewelry trade. Now, it also supports industry promotion measures,
including tax incentives by the Thai government, ensuring the position of a global trading hub.
My family has been operating gem mines, jewelry factory and selling jewelry for long years in such a privileged environment.
We will continue to provide jewelry that suits your collection as a heritage forever.

River Gemsはこれからも、永遠の財産としてお客さまのコレクションに相応しい宝飾品を提供してまいります。
Pitarpha Jamnonknearn

Myanmar Ruby

It is a gold ring set in the center of a real Myanmar ruby that has become rare now. Our valued customer purchased her collection.

Our European Collection

The best way to find your favorite item is to visit our website.
We have large selections are stocking from Italian owners directly.

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