Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are committed to the smooth operation of this site. Also, in consideration of the privacy of our customers, all personal information will be carefully protected under appropriate management.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

  • For contacting purposes to provide a variety of services tailored to your needs.
  • For contacting purposes to answer any queries that you have asked.

Personal information collected will not be used for other purposes without the consent of the individual.

To prevent the disclosure of information, supervision of contractors and employees will be conducted.

We do not provide information to third parties without the consent of the individual.

We will only disclose information in response to a request from the person in question.

When the personal information declared is different from actual information, correction or deletion will be done accordingly.

Complaint about the handling of personal information will be dealt with appropriately and promptly.



私たち=以下River Gems)は、個人情報の保護に関する法令及びその他の規範を遵守し個人情報を適正に取り扱います。



  • お客様から寄せられたお問い合わせに対応する場合
  • お客様からご注文いただいた商品を発送する場合